Kinouété believes Justice is a process of reparation and that, given the right support, every person can lead a fulfilled life after incarceration.


We provide comprehensive services to our clients so they can successfully re-enter the community.

Our Values

The association is driven by values that provide an appropriate response to the needs of both prisoners and ex-prisoners:

We care

We care about the people we serve, our team and our country.

We listen

We consult and involve the people we serve to ensure we meet their needs.

We trust

We believe in the capacity of every person we serve to change their lives.

We respect

We respect and value diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

We collaborate

We believe working together is as important as the work we do.

Our Story :

20 years of social care and support

Since 2001, we have been mindful of incarcerated and former incarcerated persons’ needs and expectations. Throughout these 20 years of activity, our actions have evolved to enhance the effectiveness of our interventions and follow more and more incarcerated persons, both during their incarceration and upon their release.

2001 :

Setting up of a support group at the Beau-Bassin Women’s Prison (BBWP).

2003 :

Having become a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), we increase our rehabilitation activities within prisons.

2005 :

Opening of a drop-in centre in Port Louis (DIC), for former incarcerated persons.

2013 :

Opening of a women’s rehabilitation and reintegration centre in Palma, Quatre Bornes, operational until 2016. Former incarcerated persons who had nowhere else to go were welcomed at the centre for a 6-month period, during which time we helped them get their lives back on track.   

2018 :

Expansion of our network by building a multi partner project to address HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis issues.

2021 :

We commit to evaluating our services and developing our 4-year strategic plan.

Our Team :

A strong, professional and impactful team

Our objective is to provide a professional and personalised service to incarcerated and former incarcerated persons. We bring together:

• A team of trained and experienced professionals to support incarcerated and former incarcerated persons;

• A team of qualified counsellors to provide them with psychological support;

• An administrative team to ensure the smooth running of the association’s services and operations

• An executive committee ensuring the rules of good governance are applied and that the association stays true to its mission; and

• Volunteers, who are always welcome to support our teams.

Based in Beau-Bassin, we receive formerly incarcerated persons in our premises every day of the week, between 8.30am and 4pm. With a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry area, this space allows those who wish to take a moment for themselves and regain their strength.